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You get varied and good group classes at Atleta.Our group instructors give you expert advice

guidance, motivation and feeling of mastery.

Group training is suitable for you who:
  • Are new and want a softer start to training

  • Need motivation and new inspiration

  • Want to be part of a social community

  • Will not have to plan the training session yourself

  • Want a supervisor throughout the training session

  • Want to test out different forms of training

  • Want safe, effective and well-thought-out training sessions

  • Want to maintain a fit and healthy body

  • Will start after illness, injury or a longer training stay

See our group lessons in springschedule.

Do you have any wishes for other group lessons? Feel free to send us

Do you want to try our group lessons, but are not a member?

Send us another email

then we'll book you a place!

Are you on a waiting list?
Some of the group classes are so popular that we have waiting lists.

If you are on the waiting list for a group lesson, you will be notified by us IF there is a place available for you.

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