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The notice period is one (1) month, calculated from the first turn of the month after the date the notice is received by the centre, by e-mail sent If the contract is to end after the binding period of 12 months, the termination must take place before or within the end of the 11th month. All termination is done via e-mail, and the member must receive information within 14 days that the termination has been registered and when the last payment and training date will be. If the above information is not received within 14 days of the notice being given, the member must contact Atleta themselves. The membership can be terminated before the binding period is over if the member cannot train at the center for documented reasons. Applications for termination of membership during the contract period are sent, and the reason for termination must be documented.

A contract without full flexibility can be frozen for the following reasons:

•  disease which is documented by a medical certificate and which means that you cannot exercise.

•  pregnancy which means that you cannot or do not want to exercise.

•  secondment in work or studies that is documented.

There is no freeze or exemption from payment in the event of a holiday. Freezing of membership must be determined and approved before the freezing period starts, and the documentation must accompany the freezing application. Freeze must be applied for by the 1st of the month in question. Freeze of the contract period applies for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 5 months. The binding period is shifted by the same number of months as the exemption is granted, so that the duration of the membership is a minimum of 12 paying months. Payment may differ from the freezing period, but amounts to the same number of months. Freezing is not approved until written confirmation is received by e-mail. Freeze cannot be undone. In the event of termination during the freezing period, the contract's termination month/period does not expire.

Read more about the general conditions for membership at Atleta Training and Health under "Membership conditions"

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