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Atleta training center is located

in the center of Surnadal, Møre and Romsdal!

Atleta AS
Svartvassvegen 2

6650 Surnadal

Tlf: 93 06 70 72

Attended reception and telephone hours Atleta

The reception and telephone are staffed:

Monday 09:00-15:00

Wednesday 12:00- 18:00

Thursday 09:00-15:00

Open for personal training and drop-in

every day 05:00- midnight:00

Changes may occur.



Questions outside manned opening hours?

Send us another

or leave a message on phone 93 06 70 72.

We want you who train with us to park along the wall in the measured fields
by our andTrollheimen Climbing Centersentrance area.
Handicap parking right by the front door.


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