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Treningssenteret oppgjennom årene


Dear child has many names.

A training center was created


It all started when a working group at Landbrukshuset in Surnadal was set up with a view to getting a gym in place, and to become an environmental beacon. Several actors came up with ideas about a training centre, and it was quickly decided that they needed someone to run this centre. Ann Kristin and Ola Bruset ignited the idea and started the work.

On 21 August 2006, the Surnadal Wellness Center opened.

Surnadal Wellness Center became so popular that it outgrew the premises on the second floor. There was a need for a new and larger premises.

Reopening of the dairy

On 8 March 2012, the training center opened in new and larger premises in Landbrukshuset, and with a new name; Surnadal Training and Wellness Center (STV).

In the premises that were once a dairy, it became a modern gym with a lot of content on two floors.

The center could now offer training rooms for both strength and conditioning training, varied group classes as well as a range of health services such as physiotherapists, naprapat and massage. The center also distinguished itself by having a climbing wall as part of the offer, in collaboration with Trollheimen Klatresenter.

The wellness center will become Atleta AS

On 6 May 2019, the fitness center reopened after expansion, and with a new name; Athletes.

Ann Kristin's daughter, Marit Bruset, took over as general manager. In the basement under Fellesskjøpet, where the old dairy was, it had now become a 650 square meter personal training room, packed with modern training equipment.

From July 2020, Landbrukshuset took over our tenants Trollheimen Klatresenter, Naprapat Dahlgren and Din Hud. If you are going to use their services, you must now contact them directly.

Rich in content in Landbrukshuset Surnadal

Landbrukshuset in Surnadal is a rich commercial and office property.

In addition to Atleta, these are our neighbors:

Trollheimen Climbing Centre

Surnadal Physiotherapy Clinic

Naprapat Dahlgren

Kjersti's Foot Clinic

Amfi Creative

The Olav Thon Group

Vevang Funeral Home

NMS Recycling

The joint acquisition of Agri SA


Midtnorsk Business Health Service SA

Sintef Norlab AS

Driva AS

Center Hair care

Dance studio Culture School

Made Vårsøg

Trollheim's Lab

Georg Øye Architect office

Ing. I. Skogheim AS

Statera Økonomi AS

NLT Indre Nordmøre SA

Norsk Filter AS

KemCo Møre AS

Nordmøre Museum


Nordbohus Orkladal AS

Allskog SA

Lawyers Lundamo DA


Takstmann Øyås AS

Landbruk Nordvest SA

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