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If you need training guidance in Surnadal, we are ready to help you!

Training guidance

Do you want to strengthen your physical and mental health?

Do you want to function better in everyday life?

Do you want to get over the doorstep mile?

Do you want to rebuild your body from an injury?

Do you want to reduce your aches and pains?

Do you want to perform better in your sport?


We are here to help you get started!

We can do this for you

If you need a review of an exercise or an introduction to the use of our training equipment, we can guide you.

Check attendant opening hourshere if you want simple basic guidance with one of our employees, or send us an

Personal training

We can also offer a personal trainer in the afternoons/evenings by appointment.

A personal trainer can set up a personal training program that is adapted to your timetable, your goals and your needs.

If you want to have close follow-up of your training, you must buy PT hours.

More payment options
You can choose the payment solution that suits you best.

We offer payment via invoice, Vipps, card or partial payment via Klarna.

Prices PT

1 hour NOK 599
10 hours NOK 5,090
20 hours NOK 9,800
30 hours NOK 14,380
40 hours NOK 18,690


Cancellation of a PT appointment must be made no later than 24 hours before the agreed time to avoid a fee.

If the lesson is canceled after this, it will be charged in full.

Our personal trainers:

Jan Helge Uggedal

Tel: 94 16 62 82
Telephone Atleta: 93 06 70 72
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