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We want to be as hygienic, pleasant and tidy a training center as possible, and expect that everyone who trains with us also joins in and contributes to this.

Here's how you can help keep our fitness center hygienic:

  • Stay at home if you are sick.

  • Have good hand hygiene. Use antibac/wash your hands when you arrive and leave the centre.

  • Clean all contact surfaces before and after use. There are spray bottles and cloths in the entrance area like youwill take you around during the entire training session. Spray on the cloth, not directly on the training equipment.

  • Wear clean training clothes and feel free to bring your own, clean towel.

  • Feel free to use a towel on all benches, machines and mats.

  • Group lessons: You will find your own cleaning equipment in the group room and spinning room, so that it should be easy to clean borrowed mats or other equipment that is used.

Although there are now no longer strict infection prevention measures, we want to take with us the cleaning routines of hands and contact surfaces for the best possible well-being and well-being, and to limit infection with, for example, colds and flu.

Rules of order at Atleta

  • Everyone must register their personal access card or drop-in card in the circular area.

  • Show good manners and be considerate of others at the centre. Contribute to well-being and feel free to spread joy!

  • The training equipment must be treated with care, and not dropped hard on the floor, to avoid damage occurring  to members or objects.

  • Only clean training clothes and clean indoor shoes are allowed.

  • Take into account the privacy of others when filming and taking pictures!

  • Leave the venue as you wish to find it. The equipment and weights you use must be cleaned in place after use.

  • Read and follow our recommendations on cleaning and hygiene.

  • It is not permitted to use, buy, sell or encourage the use of drugs or doping agents in connection with training at Atleta.

  • Rubbish is thrown into the waste bins. Empty bottles with deposit in the can for deposit.

  • If you use lime for training, only liquid lime is permitted.

  • Avoid occupying several devices or equipment over time if there are many people training at the same time. 

  • It is not permitted to take with you or let in others who have not paid membership or drop-in

  • Members between 11-14years who train with us MUST have one of their guardians present at the centre

  • Children who run around, play with the exercise equipment and disturb others who are exercising are NOT allowed. We have a rocking chair and a playpen for the little ones. Older children must be able to stay calm in the reception area.

  • Is there something you see others doing in training that is against our rules of order? Please take it up politely with the person concerned, or let us know.

  • Atleta is under video surveillance at all times. Vandalism, theft, sneaking and negligence come on film. 

Thanks to our members!

We would like to thank all our members who during the pandemic followed both national and municipal infection control advice.

This enabled us to keep the fitness center open for you.

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