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Welcome to a content-rich Atleta!

Strength training room

With us, you get access to world-class training equipment from Hammer Strength and Life Fitness, and we have a varied selection

of both strength equipment, conditioning equipment and free weights.

The personal training room has subdued lighting and a state-of-the-art ventilation system that provides a comfortable

and luxurious feeling when you exercise.

Distributed throughout our airy and spacious premises, you will find, among other things, cable cross rack, Booty Builder,

bench press stations, several squat racks, leg press apparatus, TRX, kettlebells in many weight classes, manual rack,

back lifter, artificial grass mat, "sled", jump box, Bulgarian sandbags, ribbed wall etc

You can pick and choose from fitness equipment in rowing machines, treadmills, ergometer bikes,

elliptical machine, stairmaster and stairmaster. 

Group class room

As the only fitness center in Surnadal that offers group classes, we are an attractive center that

embracesall age groups and training needs.

 We have a varied selection of group classes and the vast majority of lessons are held in our group hall.

See which group lessons you can choose from under "SCHEDULE" in the menu. 



Spinning room

Get cardio and burn training from skilled instructors in our spinning room. There are 20 bikes ready

for the next Tour de France session.

Spacious wardrobes

The cloakrooms are spacious with showers, large mirrors, double sinks and lockable cupboards for your things.

A hairdryer is also available.

Adapted for wheelchair users

If you are a wheelchair user, you can train with us.

Handicap parking is right by our entrance, and the front door opens automatically.

Your personal access card automatically opens the HC door to the reception and personal training department.

We also have a spacious HC toilet.

Massage chairs

Recharge your body and mind with both massage and mental training in one of our massage chairs.

If you are pregnant and/or have a pacemaker, you can also use our Bwell V7 massage chair, but ask your

treating doctor if you have any health problems and if you are still unsure.

Free fruit and coffee

On selected days, fruit and coffee will be available for you who train with us. In our popular coffee corner you can get some

long-awaited social interaction with other fitness enthusiasts. In the coffee nook you will also find a book exchange shelf.

Here you can take a book home with you, and/or donate a book you no longer need.


At the reception you can buy, among other things, water, energy drinks, protein bars, protein powder, creatine, drinking bottles,

training equipment and clothing with the Atleta logo. Easy to pay with Vipps or at a card reader.


Our defibrillator, which is sponsored by Gjensidige Surnadal, is located on a wall right by our reception.

This is available to everyone in the local area 24/7 all year round and is registered in the AED register.

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